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Canon imagePRESS C6000VP

With the tremendous success of the imagePRESS C6000VP digital press for production printing, Canon continued its tradition of bringing world-class color-imaging expertise to new markets. The imagePRESS C6000VP digital press is built on the same core architecture as the Canon imagePRESS C6000VP digital press and priced to be more accessible to a broader range of printing operations.

The imagePRESS C6000VP digital press is ideal for mid to large-size production environments that want a full-featured digital press that makes good business sense. This digital press gives you the:

  • power to handle increasingly complex job requirements.
  • speed and reliability to meet tight deadlines.
  • image quality to satisfy the most discriminating customers.
  • versatility to keep pace with evolving production needs.

With its robust set of image-processing, color-management, and in-line finishing technologies, the imagePRESS C6000VP digital press enables you to handle almost any type of job a customer might request.

The press produces true 1200 x 1200 dpi colour output on a wide variety of stocks used for direct mail pieces, newsletters, marketing collateral, and saddle-stitched booklets.

Whether printing on lightweight booklet stocks or heavier cover stocks, the imagePRESS C6000VP digital press can operate at 60 letter-sized pages per minute, regardless of paper weight. This consistency enables you to confidently and accurately schedule the steady volume of work needed for optimum productivity and profitability.

The imagePRESS C6000VP digital press is ideal for:

  • Small- to Mid-Size Commercial Printers that
    are looking for a digital press to complement their
    offset offerings.
  • Mid- to Large-Size Print-for-Pay Companies that
    want to add short-run document production to their
    existing digital output services.
  • Central Reprographic Departments (CRDs) and
    that need to control colour-printing costs and
    delivery times without sacrificing quality.

Your customers will see a noticeable difference in the quality of output from all Canon imagePRESS models.

Canon’s intensive R&D investment in photography, colour science, and colour imaging is reflected in technologies that enable the imagePRESS C6000VP digital press to reproduce a wide tonal range as well as fine details in highlights and shadows of images and across the entire colour gamut.

With a true 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and 256 levels of greyscale, the imagePRESS C6000VP digital press consistently reproduces clear, sharp images with lifelike skin tones, smooth gradients, and colour accuracy needed to satisfy even the most perceptive buyers of printed materials.

Canon’s imagePRESS C6000VP digital press uses revolutionary imaging, fusing, and toner technologies to generate printed pages that look and feel as if they came from an offset press.

Canon’s oil-free V-Toner uses exceptionally small particles (averaging 5.5 microns) and, when applied with Canon’s proprietary fusing technology, the toner remains even and flat, producing a smooth-to-the-touch surface. It’s nearly impossible to feel where the toner begins and ends!

Not only won’t you feel any raised toner, but Canon’s Gloss Optimization also helps ensure that you won’t see any differences between the gloss of the printed image and the paper. The Media Library that optimizes stocks for smooth feeding through the press also automatically optimizes gloss levels. As a result, the remarkable offset-like feel is replicated on whatever substrate you select.

Your customers expect each piece in a print run to look just like every other piece. This sounds simple enough. But until now, it’s been one of the most difficult engineering hurdles to overcome, particularly for digital presses that must handle numerous digital color images, print on a variety of paper types, and operate in environmental conditions that vary from day to day, week to week, and month to month.

The imagePRESS C6000VP digital press incorporates three sophisticated technologies that help produce consistent color with very little intervention by the press operator.

  • Automatic Press Calibration maintains the necessary color densities without constant oversight by press operators.
  • Advanced Developer Technology constantly supplies fresh developer. This helps create consistent color across the width of every page.
  • Real-Time Calibration measures color density levels while the job is in progress. Automatic adjustments help ensure that the first print in a job matches the last print and every print in between.

Together, these technologies help ensure that future reprints will look the same as the first prints.

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