Canon Imagerunner Advance C2030

(some equipment shown is optional)



  • Up to 30/30 ppm
  • 5.7″ VGA Full Color TFT Screen
  • Up to 600 x 600 dpi
  • 250 Sheets (Inner Tray)
  • 17 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover
  • Standard: USB Memory


Certified Renewed

Optional Features

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Canon Imagerunner Advance C2030

Advance the way your business communicates
Introducing the Canon Imagerunner Advance C2030, seriously sleek and compact systems with advanced, fully integrated features and powerful functionality for superb quality color and the crispest black-and-white printing.

An outstanding investment
Ideal for branch offices and small businesses, or as part of a fleet in a larger organisation, the Canon Imagerunner Advance C2030 offers 30ppm so you can create spectacular work efficiently and effectively.

Next-generation technology
The compact, lightweight design optimizes space while delivering all the productive functionality and intelligent features needed to streamline your information exchange.

Intuitive and user-friendly, even the most advanced features can be utilized quickly and easily so the devices can be used to their full potential, dramatically enhancing the efficiency of your processes.

And when work flows swiftly, productivity grows by leaps and bounds.

Excellence in all areas
The Canon Imagerunner Advance C2030 delivers exceptional quality, high productivity and unbeatable value for money.

  • Device Efficiency – Operating efficiently is the cornerstone to success for any business. Canon offers cutting-edge tools and features to streamline your processes, so nothing slows your people down or stands in the way of your efficiency.
  • Security – Safeguarding sensitive information is essential for businesses of all sizes in today’s world. Canon has all the very latest tools and technology required to protect you and your clients, and keep your documents from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Productivity – Optimizing resources is key to enhanced productivity and a healthy bottom line. Canon technology has a range of features designed to unleash productivity and allow your people to get more done – easily, efficiently and economically.
  • Cost Control – Succeeding in today’s marketplace requires the ability to rein in costs and increase profitability. With Canon you can ensure your total cost of ownership is reduced to improve the return on your investment.
  • Image Quality – With Canon you can rely on consistently high quality output whether you are printing text documents, presentations or proposals ensuring all your documents are presented professionally.
  • Environment – At Canon, we strive to protect the environment in every way we can. This includes using bio-plastic from plant-derived resources, recycled materials and innovative features to slash energy consumption. When you choose a Canon product, it’s good for everyone.
  • Usability – Investing in the right IT technology for your business is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your staff. Canon technology is designed for intuitive ease of use, so all your people can utilize it to its full potential and enjoy a smoother, more streamlined workflow

Automate manual processes and accelerate your workflow
A streamlined document workflow and smooth information exchange are essential for optimum efficiency. Automating manual processes and digitizing your files is an investment in the productivity of your business.

With the Canon Imagerunner Advance C2030, you can securely digitize your hard copies, and easily automate manual processes like amending, filing and distributing documents. This frees your people from time consuming manual tasks, making it faster for them to search for documents and complete jobs.

Create living digital documents
The optional advanced PDF Kit converts your paper documents into digital PDFs that can be searched to find specific words or references and annotated to allow you to add comments directly to the document, a feature unique to Canon.

This makes it a breeze for users to create and manipulate soft copy documents, and eliminates time wasted printing and amending hard copies.

Process and share information at the touch of a button
Universal Send enables you to scan color and black and white documents, and send them to email, fax and network folders in a range of PDF formats.

Being able to scan and send documents in multiple file formats to multiple locations at the touch of a button, your people can spend less time at the device and focus on more important tasks.

If scanning is integral to your business and you require a more advanced solution, eCopy ShareScan is the ultimate, all-encompassing option. Embedded into your multifunctional device, it offers unparalleled connectivity to content management, email, fax, database and even cost recovery software applications.

It enables users to transform paper into electronic workflows swiftly and securely at any device on the network, and it seamlessly integrates with familiar applications by allowing users to name and index documents at the point of scanning.

Easily search, store and share information
With the iW360 software option, you can maximize the capability of the Canon Imagerunner Advance C2030 and improve the way your business manages, moves and shares documents around the organisation. Small businesses and work groups benefit from the document management and sharing capabilities that iW 360 provides, utilizing the device as a shared server and giving your people the ability to search, store and share information swiftly and easily.

Canon Imagerunner Advance C2030 Brochure