Toshiba eStudio 2330C

(some equipment shown is optional)



  • Prints up to 20 PPM
  • Private Print
  • Store to e-FILING
  • Access Restrictions
  • Auto Cassette Change
  • Energy Saver


Certified Renewed

Optional Features

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Toshiba eStudio 2330C

The Toshiba eStudio 2330C multifunction device isn’t just any color printer.

They’re business tools. Powerful business tools. Business tools that can make a visible difference in the way your business looks, communicates and succeeds. Color communicates, clarifies, educates and impresses. Now color is fast, economical and easy to use with Toshiba eStudio 2330C multifunction color device. Use them to your advantage.

With Toshiba eStudio 2330C color Multifunction Devices (MFD), you get high speed, high quality halftones and uncompromising color quality.

Toshiba color is business color without compromise. Innovations such as our patented e-Fine processors, micro fine toner, new developer system and a four-drum laser array with patented intermediate transfer belt ensure the highest quality color.

For outstanding performance, seamless network integration, and unrivaled color quality in a variety of print environments, count on the Fiery System 8e Embedded Controller as a powerful document workflow solution for any task.

Make your device even more productive
Convert scanned documents into 17 file types with the touch of a button Optional optical character recognition (OCR) software transforms hard copy text and graphic documents into easily-editable file formats including .doc, .html, .pdf and more. This innovative technology automatically performs OCR and file conversions on the fly. Converted images can then be sent to network drives, Email, or both.

No Waiting in This Line
These are business tools, built for speed. They print at up to 45 pages per minute. They scan your original documents at up to 57 pages per minute. And even perform double-sided scanning, using our automatic reversing document feeder. The speed advantage increases even further when you opt for the automated finishing units that can collate, hole punch and staple. What you get is completed sets.

Color That’s Secure And Well Connected

Not all business is everybody’s business, and you can be assured of keeping it that way with the security features of the Toshiba eStudio 2330C MFDs.

You can create a highly secure environment, protected not just by department and user codes but also multiple levels of security. The Toshiba eStudio 2330C MFD series is ISO/lEC 15408 compliant, and feature standard AES hard disk encryption, 802.1X network authentication, IPSec and SNMP3.

Connectivity increases throughput, communication, and productivity, which is why connectivity is extensive and accessible on the Toshiba eStudio 2330C MFDs.

Input to the Toshiba eStudio 2330C MFDs can be hard copy or electronic. Use the automatic document feeder to input documents to the scanner. Use the Ethernet 100baseT or USB port to connect from your network, or to plug in a USB thumb drive for quick transfer and portability.

A new Open Architecture Platform capability means that third parties can readily provide software solutions.

Connectivity. All part of the plan with the Toshiba eStudio 2330C MFDs.