Toshiba eStudio 3530C

(some equipment shown is optional)



  • Prints up to 30 PPM and Scans 57 PPM
  • 600 x 600 dpi resolution
  • 99 second warm-up time
  • Private, proof, scheduled, and stored print
  • 10 /100BaseT Ethernet interface
  • Unified address book


Standard Refurb

Optional Features


Toshiba eStudio 3530C

The Toshiba eStudio 3530C multifunction color systems aren’t just multifunction.
They’re business tools. Powerful business tools. Business tools that can make a visible difference in the way your business looks, communicates, and succeeds.

Color communicates, analyzes, clarifies, and impresses. Now color is fast, economical, and easy-to-use with Toshiba eStudio 3530C multifunction color systems.

Getting color used to be a trade-off. Not any more.
With the Toshiba eStudio 3530C multifunction color systems, you get high-speed, high-quality halftones and uncompromising color quality.

Beautiful color. Accurate color. Color that means business.
Toshiba color is color without compromise, thanks to innovations such as our patented e-Fine processors, microfine toner, and new developer. Our new four-drum laser process uses a patented intermediate transfer belt that helps create color without compromise.

Next-Generation e-BRIDGE Architecture
The Toshiba eStudio 3530C comes with Toshiba’s proprietary e-BRIDGE architecture. This innovative all-in-one hardware design allows the devices to share system resources, making image processing more efficient. As a result, users complete more tasks faster.

Business won’t wait. And there won’t be any delays with the Toshiba eStudio 3530C multifunction systems.
These are business tools built for speed. They print at up to 45 pages-per-minute. They scan your original documents at 57 pages-per-minute.

Turn that speed into even greater productivity by choosing finishing options that let you complete your job in-house, in seconds. Two console finishers offer multiposition stapling and optional hole punch capability. Choose the 50-sheet stapling “hanging” finisher for convenience and economy.

eCopy ScanStation – Flexible, rapid solutions for paper-to-digital business integration.
eCopy ScanStation document imaging and distribution software transforms your Toshiba MFP into a full-featured information center. It integrates hardcopy documents directly into the workflow of critical business processes.

Flexible Paper Capacity
Sure, the e-STUDIO3530c/4520c can handle color, but what about paper? These devices come standard with two 550-sheet universal cassettes and a 100-sheet bypass tray. You also have the option of adding two additional 550-sheet cassettes, or a 2,500-sheet tandem large-capacity feeder for a maximum paper capacity of 3,700 sheets from up to five different paper sources.