Toshiba eStudio 4520C

(some equipment shown is optional)



  • Prints up to 45 PPM and Scans 57 PPM
  • Robust finishing features
  • 600 x 600 dpi (8 bit)
  • Standard AES encryption
  • High compression PDF
  • Scan to USB


Standard Refurb

Optional Features


Toshiba eStudio 4520C

Unwavering full-colour performance for business needs.
The new Toshiba eStudio 4520C full-colour MFP streamline your everyday workflow. Based on Toshiba’s unique Human Centric concept that puts users at the center of MFP research and development, every detail is refined to achieve high performance with ease. The full lineup ranging from 23ppm to 45ppm answers diverse business needs. Discover the advantages of high image quality, outstanding reliability, steady input/output productivity, operational simplicity, solid security, excellent eco-efficiency, and easy integration. Toshiba exists to meet the real needs of real people.

High-quality Performance
Toshiba MFPs deliver impressive reliability and the utmost in image quality, without sacrificing speed or ease of maintenance. They ensure all your needs are fully and consistently met.

  • Toshiba’s advanced image processing technology, e-TAIP Technology, is your assurance of impressive image output stability and quality.
  • Output approaching offset printing quality is maintained even during high-volume jobs, thanks to Toshiba’s digital image processing technology. Image quality is extremely stable and new toner ingredients are blended exclusively for vivid results.
  • The Outside Erase function automatically detects and removes the dark areas that often appear near the edges when books and other thick materials are being copied/ scanned. This will result in sharper images, neater output and also reduce toner usage.
  • The Omit Blank Page function automatically identifies blank pages amongst a set of original documents that are being copied/scanned. Blank pages are omitted in the output or data storage – all without the need of extra software.
  • Up time and productivity are increased by an ERU (Easy Replaceable Unit) design and longer-lasting consumables.
  • The ICC profile allows customization of colour conversion that precisely meets your needs when printing from a PC.
  • A multitasking document system with optional EFI controller.

Comprehensive Management
Toshiba eStudio 4520C MFPs deliver friendly, efficient functions for administrators and users that enhance job management yet, drastically reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

  • The Role Based Access Control (RBAC) function allows the administrators to administrate MFP capabilities, such as printing, copying, scanning and faxing to make available to each user. It is an effective means of access control for large scale organizations/systems to monitor output costs for more effective management.
  • An Import/Export function for Printer Driver Settings allows administrator to make necessary printer driver settings on one networked computer and then apply the settings to other computers by simply importing/exporting the file.
  • With the Cloning function, you can back up and store various data such as user data and setup data in a USB storage device. When multiple e-STUDIOs are installed in your office, simply insert the USB storage device to add the data and eliminate the need to set up on individual e-STUDIO MFP.
  • The Easy Replaceable Unit (ERU) design minimizes unproductive downtime through speedy recovery time. This reliability, together with long-lasting consumables such as a larger waste toner box, leads to a reduction in TCO.
  • The Meta Scan function allows easy support for Meta Data (XML) that helps streamline the workflow by allowing connectivity with external systems and applications.

Solid Security Made Easy
By focusing on user-friendliness and user needs, the Toshiba eStudio 4520C found a solution that strikes the right balance between security protection and easy operation. Count on Toshiba for solid security made easy.

  • The standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) prevents DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.
  • The Private Print function enables users to print confidential documents by inputting a password (set by the user via printer driver) on the control panel.
  • All TCP/IP networked communications equipment (routers, PCs, etc.) are monitored and controlled by protocol.
  • The Hard copy Security Printing feature helps to prevent unauthorized copying by inlaying security patterns on unauthorized copies.
  • While the user authentication function is activated, you can command output without inputting user authentication or Private Print passwords on the MFP control panel by utilizing e-Bridge ID Gate (optional), or an MFP iClass card authentication system.
  • Optional IPsec (Security Architecture for Internet Protocol) employs packet data encryption to prevent unauthorized Internet access.
  • An optional Data Overwrite enabler prevents actual data in the MFP’s HDD from being stolen.
  • Compliant with ISO/IEC 15408 EAL3