Toshiba eStudio 4520c Series 2017 Firmware Update


Toshiba eStudio 2017 Firmware Update

Recently email providers, in an effort to stop email spammers have made security changes.

These changes have caused issues with the scan to email function of the Toshiba MFP’s.

Toshiba eStudio 4520c series machines for models:

  • 2330c
  • 2830c
  • 3530c
  • 4520c


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Toshiba eStudio 4520c Series 2017 Firmware Update

You will want to be careful and make sure that the firmware on your eStudio 4520c series machine is newer than the firmware level 36A. If you try and update to a level that is smaller than the one installed on your machine it can cause the machine not to work.
Please download the Firmare Update and be sure to follow the instructions contained in the video tutorials below:

1.) Find the level of firmware installed on eStudio 4520c series

2.) Video on how to install eStudio 4520c series firmware

Need help with scan to email? Click here to learn how.