Why buy refurbished copiers?

buy refurbished copiers

buy refurbished copiers

Used copiers cost SO MUCH LESS than new copiers. Nothing in the world depreciates faster than a used copier. Why? Well, for a long time, since the beginning, photocopiers

were the least reliable tool or machine mass produced since the first caveman or cavewoman picked up a rock and broke open a clam shell.

It’s true! Copiers are the least reliable thing ever made! Or they were anyway. Modern copiers are more reliable than ever. The average first maintenance call is now 18 months for a refurbished copier, that’s how good they are! What about for a new copier? Oddly, new copiers actually require a hair more service than a well-refurbished copier (not “refurbished” copier as some dealers sell them, which are actually “cleaned and currently functioning” copiers.) But I’ll rip on the talentless hacks who masquerade as our competition another time…just kidding.

A copier properly refurbished with updated firmware and service bulletins applied is a better-than-new machine. Why? Because new copiers have new copier problems, which are unknown, while refurbs have known maintenance requirements, are typically sold in lower-volume environments and generally any issues are already widely known to technicians. New copiers throw unknown service codes, need retrofits to correct design errors and other issues which make them actually slightly less reliable than a properly refurbished copier. And they typically cost about three times the price of a refurbished copier from Copier Discount Warehouse and Copier1.com.

New drums that usually last over 200,000 prints in every refurbished Toshiba we sell! But it’s more than just drums- it’s developers blades rollers and so much more that go into every copier we sell. We really care and we’re darn good at this after 25 years. That’s why most of our business is repeat business. Our customers know that there is no better value than the low prices and exceptional quality of one of our copiers. We deliver, network and support your copier- and your company. We really care.

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