Copier1 Dealer Solutions

Everything you need for IT Asset Recovery

End-of-life assets, particularly obsolete Information Technology Equipment, present companies with time consuming disposal issues. While it doesn't make sense to pay for valuable warehouse space storing assets with no value, the alternative is their proper removal and disposal.

Copier1 Dealer Solutions provides complete Asset Recovery. We purchase excess equipment and offer disposal services. Most importantly, your assets are disposed of in accordance with all federal and environmental requirements and regulations, and, your workspace is left clean.

Copier1 Dealer Solutions also purchases scrap computer components like: Motherboards, Memory, CPU's, etc.

  • Equipment Disposal - Copier1 Dealer Solutions comprehensively oversees all disposals as regulated by the Federal Solid Hazardous Waste guidelines and all recycling in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.
  • Data Security and Destruction - The security of sensitive data, proprietary software, and embedded network passwords concern most organizations. Copier1 Dealer Solutions removes all files, data, software, and any other customer identification tags and marks from client systems.
  • Donation Services - Assets worth little to nothing on the secondary market often hold great value to non-profit and charitable organizations. Before implementing a disposal process, Copier1 Dealer Solutions can arrange for the equipment to be donated from your company, free of charge.
Copier1 Dealer Solutions IS COMPLIANT TO THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS: R2:2013 Responsible Recycling ISO 14001:2004 ENVIRONMENTAL ISO 18001:2007 SAFETY