Konica Basic Networking

Konica Basic Network Setup

First you'll have have to make sure that your copier is properly connected to your network via Cat5/6/7 Cable to your router/switch/firewall. Once it's connected, you can get the IP Address directly off of the machine by doing the following:
  1. Press the [MENU] button.
  2. Press the [UTILITY] button.
  3. Press the [ADMINISTRATOR SETTINGS] button.
  4. Password is either: “12345678” or “1234567812345678”.
  5. Press the [NETWORK SETTINGS] button.
  6. Press the [TCP/IP SETTINGS] button.
  7. Press the [IPv4 SETTINGS] button.
  8. If it’s currently on [MANUAL INPUT], set this to [AUTO INPUT], then hit [OK].
  9. Give this a few moments to grab a new IP address, then go back into IPv4.
  10. Take note of the IP, if it begins with “169”, it has failed (check network connection).
Once you have a valid IP Address, you can move on to the Driver Installation on your computers.